In the last few years we have witnessed a renewed and steadily growing interest in the ability to learn continuously from high-dimensional data. In this page, we will keep track of recent Continual/Lifelong Learning developments in the research community.

Review Papers and Books

Empirical Studies and Comparisons

Metrics and Evaluations

Research Programs

In this section we keep track of all the current and past projects on Lifelong/Continual Learning.:

Community Selected Papers

In this section we highlight some papers the Continual AI community value as must-read:

Dissertations and Theses

Papers Database

Waiting for better AI tools for papers reccomendation the Continual AI community is mantaining a database of CL papers which we plan to realease soon. It would be very rich of metadata so that we can better navigate the incredible number of papers published each year (query example: give me the papers employing reharsal and evaluated on CORe50).

Please add your own paper below so that we can advertise it and insert in our CL database!