Welcome to ContinualAI Wiki

Humans have the extraordinary ability to learn continually from experience. Not only can we apply previously learned knowledge and skills to new situations, we can also use these as the foundation for later learning.‌

One of the grand goals of AI is building an artificial “Continual Learning” agent that constructs a sophisticated understanding of the world from its own experience through the autonomous incremental development of ever more complex skills and knowledge.‌

The aim of ContinualAI Wiki is to create an open-source, collaborative wiki to provide a starting point for researchers, developers and AI enthusiasts who share an interest in Continual Learning and are willing to learn more or contribute to this field. Join us now and help us improving it and keeping it up to date!

Interested in learning more about CL? Check out our official open-access course Continual Learning: On Machines that can Learn Continually!

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