About Us

ContinualAI is non-profit research organization and an open community of Continual/Lifelong Learning researchers and enthusiasts started in January 2018 by Vincenzo Lomonaco and made possible with the early contribution of Keiland Cooper.

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Wiki Contributors

We are always happy to add new members and get some help for improving our wiki or simply discuss about about CL, so join us today on slack!

  • How to Contribute: list of instructions to read before contributing to this project!

Principal Maintainer

  • Andrea Cossu: He is a PhD Student in Data Science at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa, working under the supervision of Davide Bacciu. He is a member of the Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (CIML) group at University of Pisa. His research is currently focused on the study of Continual Learning and on the development of Recurrent Neural Networks models able to continually learn in sequential data processing environments. Andrea received both his B.Sc in Computer Science and M.Sc in Computer Science (AI curriculum) from the University of Pisa.

Other Contributors

Here we list the main contributors (alphabetical order):

  • Ali Ayub

  • Fabio Cermelli

  • Matthias De Lange

  • Timothée Lesort

  • Vincenzo Lomonaco

  • Michael Milstead

  • Martin Mundt

  • Simon Ouellette

  • German Parisi

  • Lorenzo Pellegrini

  • Gido Van de Ven